How To Prevent Lightning Damage to Your Home

A properly installed and maintained home lightning system is made up of down cables, connectors, air terminals, and a grounding system. And that system can save your home and its contents. Your system should be designed and installed – along with surge protection – by licensed electricians and certified installers. Our systems are made in the USA, incorporate the latest early emission streamer technology and even include product performance guarantee insurance.

Lightning Damage is Very Expensive

In recent years, the costs resulting from lightning strike damage has increased. It’s not because more houses are being struck now, but it’s due to the destruction of the huge variety of electronic components now found in our homes. Smart home automation systems (like Lutron) are vulnerable to surge and expensive to replace.  Costly professional grade kitchen appliances, air conditioners, home networks, computers, sophisticated audio-video home theater equipment, telephone systems, even that new washer/dryer with LED readouts… these are all very susceptible to high currents. And you can’t count on an off the shelf surge protector to help much if a lightning bolt strikes your home. Lightning is dangerous and unpredictable. Today there are still unanswered questions about lightning, but the good news is that we know how to protect your home against lightning. We are your local lightning experts.

Every Part of a Lightning and Surge System is Required

Every part of a protection system must be in place for it to work properly. A lightning protection system connects components in a continuous, highly conductive path from the top of your house to copper grounding rods buried deep in the earth. The ESE air terminal on top of your home will help protect the structure from a direct lightning strike, but a complete system is needed to prevent harmful surges and possible fires caused by lightning entering your home through wires and pipes. If a lightning bolt strikes your house or a nearby power line, it can travel into your house through the plumbing or the electric wiring. A complete lightning and surge protection system must include electrical surge protection devices for all incoming power, data, and communication lines; and surge protection devices for vulnerable appliances.

We are Licensed, Listed, Insured, Bonded and Certified

Choose your lightning protection installer carefully. When you hire a company to design and install your system, ask to see their credentials and check them out with licensing agencies. Windemuller is a certified, licensed and UL listed contractor with over 25 years experience. We have been serving Sarasota and the surrounding area since 1985. You never know where lightning will strike. But when it does, you want to know that your system was installed by certified installers using approved products can protect you and your house.


Over 25 years experience in design and installation of complete
lightning and surge protection in the state of Florida.