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Lightning Strike Protection: The Preventor

preventor-2005A-home-lightning-protection-deviceThe Preventor is a state of the art, mast-mounted air terminal which transmits ions into the atmosphere. This device is designed to activate in the moments preceding a direct lightning strike. It creates a stream of charged ions which carries ground charges and reduces electrical tensions while clouds are overhead, reducing the possibility of a strike. The ESE air terminal also incorporates the direct path to ground protection of a conventional lightning system. If a strike does occur, the device safely grounds the charge through a conductive streamer – preventing damage to property. When your house is struck by lightning, you know the Preventor works. See a customer video testimonial.

The greatest accomplishment of the ionizing conductor is that the Preventor 2005 can protect most buildings of any height with a single system properly installed to HBP-21 Level II Manufacture Standards.  A second product (2005A) is available for smaller residences or for use with specific architectural designs.

The components we use for lightning/surge protection systems are UL and ARL Listed and Labeled.  Completed systems may now also be inspected and certified by UL or ARL – Applied Research Labs (NRTL). As UL Listed installers with demonstrated compliance history, Florida Lightning Protection can request a UL inspection to document system compliance when required.

Additional benefits of the Preventor technology include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing – see home installation photos
  • Lightweight and low wind loading
  • Reliable in any weather conditions
  • Materials ensure it stands up to harsh environments
  • No internal electronics make it virtually maintenance free
  • Made in the US
  • Reliably performing in the field in over 100,00 installations – see examples of client locations


Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal Struck by Lightning

See a video of an early streamer air terminal that was struck by lightning. The Preventor took the hit and prevented a catastrophic event at this Sarasota home.


UL Listed Products + UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractors
= Total Protection


Field Tested ESE Air Terminals

Over one hundred thousand Preventors have been installed and field tested worldwide. Many home and business owners, facilities managers, municipalities, sports and recreations managers rely on the Preventor. See a sample of the many well known locations utilizing the Preventor lightning protection system. In addition to proof in the field, the components of the system are UL and ARL listed and laboratory tested.

Fifty Years of Success in the Field

The Preventor 2005 protects from damage that may occur due to direct strikes of lightning. With these many years of field experience, the manufacturer confidently offers a $10 million performance guarantee.

Florida Lightning Protection installs this state of the art system to manufacturer’s standards. Completed systems are also eligible to be inspected and certified by ARL – Applied Research Labs. The system is made in the US and is warranted for 100 years by the manufacturer.