Surge Protection


Surge Protection:  An important part of the solution

We utilize the surge protection devices from TPS when designing your home protection. When implemented with appropriate earthing/grounding, field testing has shown that they provide the very best defense against power spikes or transient surges.

What are Surge Protective Devices?

Surge protective device (SPD) is the term for a device intended to limit transient voltages and divert surge current. These products are referred to by many other names, such as surge arrestor, surge diverter, suppressor, voltage suppressor, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, overvoltage arrestor or voltage clamping devices.

Ordinary fuses and circuit breakers are not capable of dealing with lightning-induced transients. We utilize high-quality, high-speed, surge protection devices to protect the AC power main panel and any secondary distribution panels. Protecting incoming and outgoing data and signal lines is essential along with security alarms, CCTV cameras, and other important electrical components.

To properly guard electrical and electronic equipment, a staged approach should be implemented. Whole house surge protection with enhanced transient filtering mounted at each breaker panel provides the highest level of protection by offering “computer grade power” to every circuit in the home.  Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) provide a battery backup in cases of power quality anomalies, outages, and lightning; but they do not take the place of dedicated SPD devices. A properly engineered protection plan identifies all exposure points requiring protection.

Surge Suppression:  TPS Total Home Surge Solution

With years of experience using a variety of SPD (surge protection devices) from numerous manufacturers, we selected the TPS Total Home Surge devices for our systems based on a number of factors.

  • lowest “let thru voltage”
  • cost effective protection
  • a complete range of products to address every site requirement
  • supplier expertise and engineering support
  • devices are certified to accepted standards
  • 25 year warranty and customer support

Where-to-put-Surge-ProtectionNo single surge protector can provide complete protection.  We utilize a system shield approach, which is a multi-layered plan to safeguard against both external and internal power surges. The system is designed for gradual dissipation of current and to ensure the “let thru voltage” is reduced to a safe level when it reaches your equipment.

Shield One is a high energy surge protector at the main source to handle external transients caused by lightning.  It absorbs the most voltage.

Shield Two is the installation of devices on distribution or sub panels.  It addresses the medium level internally induced transients.

Finally, Shield Three calls for surge suppression devices on equipment right at the point of use.

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