Am I at Risk?

kitchens appliances are vulnerable to lightning and surge

What is at risk in my home?

If you are a typical homeowner, your home is filled with sophisticated appliances and electronics. We have all come to depend on this equipment for safety, security, and convenience.  So, especially as a Florida homeowner, you should seriously consider installing a lightning and surge protection system for your home.

protect your computers from electric surge and lightningIn addition to the cost of equipment which can be damaged or destroyed by lightning, consider the inconvenience, downtime and reprogramming costs. Examine the information stored on your home computer and think about the impact on you if it was lost due to lightning damage.

air conditioners are frequently damaged by surge and lightning

One electrical event causing the loss of HVAC, lighting controls, or a home automation system can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair and reprogram.

home-automation equipment is vulnerable, Lutron systems are sensitive to surgeAs the sophistication of the appliances and technology of your home increases, the risk rises. Your new home may have technology to control lights, shades, energy use, and temperature throughout.

This high-tech home control system may also integrate with your other home systems such as audio visual equipment and security. But this convenience isn’t inexpensive.  The cost of a whole house wired system typically reaches well into five figures.

For example, a typical wired Lutron HomeWorks system costs $15,000 to $25,000 and up, and a single light dimmer for this system can run $150 and up.  This type of system is vulnerable to lightning and surge.

How do I protect my home?

We offer a three tier lightning and surge protection system that includes structural protection, surge suppression and the grounding / earthing process. In addition to direct strikes, harmful power surges from lightning or the power supply can travel through cable tv, phone lines, security cameras, and computer modems – damaging or destroying appliances and other equipment in your home.

In a typical home, hundreds of transient spikes happen every day. These spikes can degrade and shorten the life of all equipment connected to your main power supply.  Many transient spikes and surges are generated internally, for example, the cycling of your air conditioning system can create harmful surges throughout your home.  And with energy efficient LED light bulbs costing $10 to $60 or more, the damage from even small surges can add up quickly over time.

The lightning and surge protection system we design for your home will protect you not only from lightning storms, but also from the daily stresses on your appliances and other electronic equipment. Additionally, it will help to:

  • control your insurance costs by avoiding the risk of claims, disputes and cancellations caused by repeat surge damages
  • extend equipment life and improve the reliability of all your electrical equipment

It’s a wise investment in your home and the expensive contents inside.

Contact us today for a free risk survey.  We are your local lightning experts and can assist you in accurately evaluating your risk and determining the most cost effective way to protect your home from lighting and surge.  Don’t wait until the damage has been done by lightning or transient surge.  Call us now at 941-355-8822.