Selecting Lightning Protection


Choosing the Right Lightning and Surge System

Compare the technology, cost and aesthetics of a traditional Faraday system and the modern ESE early streamer emission Preventor based system.  In addition to being significantly less expensive than a traditional lightning rod based system, the Preventor does not require making numerous holes through your roof. The streamlined appearance and simplicity of our design makes home builders and architects some of our biggest fans. And now, the completed system is eligible for both an ARL Applied Research Labs and a UL Certified Engineering Inspection Report that documents compliance.

See a gallery of Florida homes protected by the ESE Preventor system.

Conventional Faraday Cage


  • Significantly more costly
  • No product performance insurance included


  • Requires a multitude of penetrations through the roof
  • Requires numerous downleads to ground
  • Requires a myriad of cable networks on roof
  • Tendency to disturb aesthetic qualities of architecture

Maintenance and Safety

  • Multitude of sharp pointed air terminals (lightning rods) on roof can prove to be dangerous to maintenance personnel or others with roof access
  • Re-roofing can require total replacement of system

Preventor 2005 System


  • Far less costly; a much better value
  • Ten million dollar product insurance included in base price*


  • Generally requires no more than two penetrations in roof
  • Generally requires no more than two downleads to ground
  • Only three primary components, far less cable required
  • Aesthetically a much better choice

Maintenance and Safety

  • Low maintenance and easy modifications in event of building additions
  • Unit is safer for maintenance personnel and others with roof access



How much does lightning protection cost?


How will a lightning protection system look on my home?

*Base price refers to the Preventor 2005.