Products Designed to Protect Your Home

Lightning and surge protection are two separate systems. For complete home coverage, we recommend a six point system which includes the Preventor for structural protection along with a Total Protection Solutions (TPS) surge protection system, and a single earthing/grounding system.

With over 25 years experience in the Florida market, we have researched the range of surge protection devices and lightning protection products available.  We selected these reliable UL and ARL listed products as the most appropriate components for the residential systems we design and install in Florida. They are two of the three components included in a safe, low maintenance, and cost effective system to protect your home.  And all of the products we use are made in the USA.


Home Owner Lightning Protection Testimonial

This Sarasota homeowner learned first hand how important lightning protection can be when you live in the lightning capital of the US. The Preventor protected her home and made her a believer.

Protecting a Structure from Lightning

Our complete lightning protection system utilizes an Early Streamer Emission (ESE) terminal, The Preventor 2005, as the structural lightning protection device. The air terminal is installed in conjunction with appropriate surge protection devices and carefully designed earthing/grounding.

ESE-2500A-home-lightning-protection-systemGenerally, a single Early Streamer Emission device can protect your entire home – depending on architectural features. The Preventor is installed on your home using down conductor(s) and a grounding system. This aesthetically pleasing system is virtually invisible, with minimal roof penetrations and less roof mounted equipment than other alternatives. Featuring an ionizing air terminal, the Preventor is a technically advanced, contemporary alternative to traditional lightning rods.  A second model (2005A) is available for smaller homes or for specific architectural designs.


Protecting Electronics and Appliances from Surge

Surges are generated from a variety of internal and external sources. Power surges and spikes are externally induced by power company load switching and remote lightning strikes. Other surges (often virtually unnoticed) can degrade sensitive electronics and eventually cause failures. These “transient” voltage surges are also often caused by air conditioners and other cyclical equipment. In fact 75-80% of transient spikes and surges are generated internally. Transients and surges can also enter your home via:

  • telephone, data and telecommunication lines
  • cable tv circuits
  • power lines
  • pipes (water, air, gas, etc.)
  • metal ducts

Grounding is the Foundation of Home Protection

As local lightning experts, we have the specialized equipment and skills necessary to test and design a safe grounding system for your home.  A single, effective grounding system is imperative for complete protection.  Grounding plays several critical roles in our six point protection system:

  • Capture the lightning strike to a preferred and known point.
  • Convey the strike to ground in a safe manner through a known route.
  • Ground the lightning discharge.
  • Protect all power lines entering the structure from transients and surges.
  • Protect all incoming data lines and signaling lines from transients and surges.
  • Eliminate Ground Loops with a single grounding system and low impedance earth network.

When selecting a lightning and surge protection system for your home, cost and aesthetics are important considerations. Make certain you also consider these important points:

We are your local lightning experts, and we hope to have the opportunity to add your name to our long list of satisfied clients.