Our Customers

Over 100,000 satisfied lightning protection customers.

Field Tested, Proven, Trusted Lightning and Surge Systems

The Preventor lightning protection technology has been installed and field tested in over 100,000 residential and commercial locations worldwide.  This modern (ESE) early streamer emission air terminal system is chosen by engineers and architects to protect structures worldwide because of aesthetics, cost effectiveness and – most importantly – its 50 year field proven success. See a customer testimonial video from a Siesta Key homeowner whose home was saved by an ESE air terminal.

ESE installed on houseThe same Preventor ESE technology we utilize to protect homes is already trusted and in use at numerous large public venues, utility company facilities, hotels, data centers, museums, government buildings and schools all over the world. These are facilities where engineers responsible for millions of dollars of structures and equipment must take lightning protection very seriously. And when they sign their name to a specification, you know they’ve done due diligence. See a third party survey of some local Preventor customers.


Protection from lightning during construction


Installing Lightning Protection when Construction Begins

In fact, our customers trust the Preventor enough that it is frequently one of the very first additions as a new structure is underway. Building contractors, architects and engineers know that structures, systems and equipment are at risk from lightning on job sites. They count on the tested and proven ESE technology for protection for their project from the very beginning through completion.


Who Are Our Clients?

In addition to numerous beautiful Florida homes, you can see the Preventor in use in a huge variety of commercial settings. As you travel through southwest Florida, take a look at the skyline. Homes and commercial buildings all over the state are being almost invisibly protected from lightning storms by ESE Preventor air terminals.

With over 100,000 successful installations, we have an impressive list of satisfied clients. Take a look at just a few of the notable installations where the Preventor has been selected to provide lightning protection for facilities, equipment, data, and most importantly – the people inside those structures.

Check out some of our lightning protection case studies.