Protecting Miami Dolphin Stadium

Super Protection for the Super Bowl Stadium

When 75,000 fans attended the Super Bowl at Pro Player Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, they were unaware that the massive stadium was protected from lightning strikes by the Lightning Preventor 2005. Prior to installation of the Preventor system, the stadium had a Faraday system and was having multiple issues and losses.Since installation of the Preventors, the problems stopped, no direct strikes to the structure have been recorded, and no damage has been reported.

Perhaps no one is more convinced of the value of the Preventor 2005 than John Davis, former Director of Engineering and Maintenance for the training fields and training camp for the Miami Dolphins.
“I was leery to begin with,” he said about the Preventor. “But one afternoon during a storm, the whole team was on the practice field, and we all saw lightning strike the Preventor at the end of the field. Another time we saw a strike to the Preventor on the building. Prior to the installation of the Lightning Preventor, we experienced substantial losses throughout the lightning season. Since our Lightning Preventors have been installed…we have not incurred any losses. This is the system to go with in any situation.”

John Davis and stadium officials chose the Lightning Preventor 2005 for three reasons:

  • With over 30 years of installation in the field, there has never been a documented failure on a properly installed system.
  • The Preventor 2005 is confidently backed by a $10 million product performance guarantee.
  • The Preventor can protect a typical area structure of 337,810 sq feet with a single system properly installed to HBP-21 Level II Manufacture Standards.