Motorola Validates Preventor

Motorola Strike Counters Validate the Preventor

At its facility in Plantation, Florida, Motorola attached lightning counters to its Preventor systems to determine how many lightning strikes hit the Preventor. During the first season after installation, the counters logged in seven strikes to the Preventor systems. (more…)

Protecting Miami Dolphin Stadium

Super Protection for the Super Bowl Stadium

When 75,000 fans attended the Super Bowl at Pro Player Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, they were unaware that the massive stadium was protected from lightning strikes by the Lightning Preventor 2005. Prior to installation of the Preventor system, the stadium had a Faraday system and was having multiple issues and losses. (more…)

FCCI Chooses Windemuller for Lightning Protection

High Tech Insurance: Protecting the Data from Lightning and Surge

FCCI is a multi-line insurance company with a valued reputation for dependability and fast service to agents and policyholders.  When they constructed their fiber optic state-of-the-art technical complex, security of the data, equipment and employees was paramount. (more…)

Sports Training Facility adds Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection for a World Class Sports Training Facility

The Bollettieri Sports Academy in Bradenton (now IMG) is a world class sports training facility, including a baseball academy, tennis center and a soccer camp. This facility is fully protected from lightning strikes by the early streamer emission Preventor 2005. (more…)